Mistress: Juliya

Anya and Juliya

Dominative girlfriends are dealing with a lazy submissive guy this time. So they had to put him on a leash and take a whip, so one of them can control his moves and stimulate him while another is getting her portion of feet worship lying on a sofa.


Nadya and Juliya

Nadya has brought her college friend Juliya to have fun together with her slave. The slave meets them at the door, takes their shoes off and follows his Mistress on a leash to the living room to please her girlfriend. Sweet young ladies take place on a sofa and enjoy talking and looking through magazines as the freak is crawling at their feet working with his tongue.


Anna Gold and Juliya

Mistress Anna and Julia are having fun playing with their slave. Having his hands bound behind his back, they forced him to kiss and lick their beautiful feet. They don?t hesitate lashing the slave every time when displeased with his behavior. Though today they don?t feel harsh way of dealing with the slave he will do his best to please them being afraid of a cruel punishment.