Mistress: Lara


This pathetic slave is going to live through a backbreaking training in the dungeon of Mistress Lara. In addition to getting the usual whipping and humiliation treatment, he will get his pain resistance levels tested when his Mistress steps down on his hand with her spike heel almost piercing it through and… Well, when he thinks that it all can’t get any worse, he will end up getting pissed on!

Megan and Lara

Mistress Megan is anything but a greedy slave owner – this is something that you will be able to understand when you see this classy femdom scene where she shares her freshest boy toy with another domme. Oh yeah, they will definitely have some good time torturing the fucker here – they will ride him like a pony, they will piss into his mouth, they will make him worship their feet… So much fun!