Mistress: Lisa


Okay, it is obvious that Mistress Lisa’s new slave is a strong one – a mere look at his body will be enough to understand it. However, the Mistress wants her boy toys to be really flexible too. And their flexibility is earned only through merciless training. Watch Lisa push the scared guy down on the floor and come torturing him like a professional wrestler playing around with a rag doll.

Megan and Lisa

Can’t think of a situation that would make a straight man literally stand on his knees begging to get ass-fucked? Well, we will show you one. Just look at this fucker getting dominated by Mistresses Megan and Lisa. He really dreams about getting his butt banged with a strap-on because… The ladies are giving him one hell of a good warmup before the fuck by fisting his asshole. Now that’s brutal!

Yulya and Lisa

The ladies have cooked a special dinner for their new slave tonight. Yuliya and Katya will feed him with some liquid mud they have got in a plate. The girls put their lovely toes and soles deep into the mud and then place legs on a table and force the slave to lick them fast and thorughly. Until absolutely clean!